About Us

Applied Risk Solutions has proven systems for delivering cost and risk-reducing systems & increased peace of mind. Our staff has years of risk management and insurance consulting experience, helping hundreds of clients.

About Applied Risk Solutions

Applied Risk Solutions, Inc is a multi-client risk management consulting firm, specializing in the development and implementation of risk financing strategies for commercial property and casualty exposures of medium to large businesses and public entities. We do not sell insurance, nor do we earn commissions from insurance companies. We are advisers compensated on a fee-basis by our clients, thereby eliminating the conflict of interest inherent in the relationship broker and agents have with carriers. We are devoted to the interests of our clients.

Our business concept is unique:

1. We have senior consultants dedicated to each account, rather than risk analysts billed out at consulting rates or customer service representatives. We can operate this way because of capable administrative support and our state of the art computer automation systems and resources.

2. We will accept only a limited number of clients, allowing us to fully meet, both quality and time-based effectiveness.

3. We encourage our clients to entertain the value of our annual retainer “outsource risk management” service approach. Contact us today.

Our Qualifications

To qualify as your consultant, we must not only know what we are talking about, but also know how to communicate to clients, brokers, underwriters, claims representatives, lawyers and be interactive and knowledgeable about their world. We need to ensure there is no departure from our exclusive client focus. This isn’t to say that partnerships are unimportant with insurance carriers and other risk management vendors; we must be effective in our delivery and exchanges to work technically and fairly in achieving what is best for the client. To ensure that we fulfill all of the qualification requirements owed, we adhere to these simple operating principles.

  • Ethics – Operate as a model of the highest ethical standards.
  • Quality – Provide quality and timely advise to the total satisfaction of our clients.
  • Innovation – Develop unique solutions to difficult problems.
  • Communication – Promote open and honest communication among all parties having a stake in our clients’ insurance programs.
  • Knowledge – Expand our capabilities and knowledge through training and experience in pursuit of lifelong learning.
  • Objectivity – Avoid any situation that could cause a conflict of interest.
  • Partnership – Foster and maintains strong partnerships with our clients and their insurance providers.

Who We Serve

As your consultant, we have a singular responsibility of representing only you. Our role is not intended to replace the broker function, but rather to provide cooperative based augmentation and improved focus on  your objectives and needs. The fulfillment of the consultant function, one of single responsibility, requires that we afford an objective and informed evaluation of the considerations important to sound and thorough decision-making. Because we are not tied to the market, but enforcing best-practices in the market, we bring long overdue counsel in the fulfillment of your needs. Through observing the activities or various brokers and insurance carriers that represent the highest form of professionalism in the insurance and risk management communities, we are better equipped to identify improvement opportunities and achieve these for the industries that we serve. A sampling of the industries that we regularly serve are:

  • Construction
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Municipalities/Counties
  • Property Management
  • Special District/Authorities
  • Real Estate
  • Distributors
  • Energy
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